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Paging all Texas area (and out or area, for that matter) Non-Impala SS owners. We'd love to see as many of you as possible at the 5th annual HOTSS CruiSSe on May 5th. Of course anyone with an Impala SS is welcome also.

ImpoSSter? I still haven't seen your car in person.

Max? How's the paint? It'd be great to have you! (We've got a trophy class for wagons - lucky for me!

Sam? Uh... sorry, I mean "Vinni" - I'd love to be able to check out your car in person, too!

Everybody with a Caprice, Roadmaster, or Fleetwood - let's make a big showing!

We also have a trophy class for "Other Non-Impalas". Any vehicle can enter this one!

This is a great time to see old friends, meet new ones, put faces to forum folks, see lots of cool cars, and have and all-around good time.

For more information see:

Jay - 93 DGGM Caprice "SS"

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