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I gave calmcgee a call a while ago, probally close to a month ago about some SS springs he had for sale. I sent him a money order or check for I believe 80 dollars. I don't remember all the details exactly, It's been a while and I've been away from home and allot of stuff been going on around here.

Cal called me a few days after I sent the money order and I told him it was in route. I haven't heard back from him since. I've called him 10+ times with no asnswer, left 2 voicemails, 1 PM, and 1 Email in the last week or so. No response.

I think I gave plenty of time before I made this post. But I know things come up, if Cal contacts me with a legit reason for the springs not coming I'll update this thread. I really hope I can get them, there holding me back from putting my front and rear suspension back together, and I don't have money to get any other springs right now

Cal it you read this my number is 724 456 7710 Please call me, if I don't answer leave a voicemail.
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