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I currently have Belltech springs on my wagon. They came with it so I don't know which ones they are but the car sits low and very low in the back.
Front ground to wheel well trim is 26 7/8" (with 1" rubber coils spacer which added a 0.5") and in the rear with about 80 psi in the rear shocks it sits at 19" from the ground to the wheel well trim. To get that height in the rear i need a 9" installed spring load height.
This is my DD and I do haul stuff and people(the point of a wagon).

I have been looking for rear springs to make the car sit right and support heavier loads which is a problem.
I was using the spread sheet someone made and updated the rear weights to 1200 per spring.
It seemed that the CC625 would be a wise choice with a 8.4" load height at my weight but I noticed that someone had install these and the ground to wheel well trim height was 21" with my 27" diameter tires. The CC are definitely not accurate when determining the loaded heights because as you compress them, coils start to be taken out and there is no way to determine at what heights the rate changes. On a chance I bought a set of CC807 springs because they had a load design height of 9.75 at 1000 lbs.
the Belltechs had a free length of 11.5" and had the same number of coils as these springs. Wire diameter was not checked.
The problem with them was that the pigtails were too large in diameter and would not locate on the axle, with one of the coils resting on the axle. So close, but no cigar!
I would like to use a CC of sorts back there but it seems I would have to try a bunch and would need more specifics on the springs.
I will try to call Belltech to get spring rate for my spring and might have to call Moog to get spring specifics.

I was thinking of Mood 5709s straight rate springs, any one use those?
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