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Car headed to the Paint shop.

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Dropped her off last weekend. Will try to put up photos each week to show the progress. Maurice (Texas_Voodoo) and Adam (ShowSS12) are doing the honors down in Sugarland, TX.


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Yes sir its gonna be badass....... Thanks for the opportunity to get your car looking right,I am glad you started this thread as I will try to keep up dating it with progress pics. You know its gonna be a show stopper when we get finished with it. To bad your gonna be in the same class as daniel (El Mero Mero)... You should really look forward next year car show season, I plan on doing the whole WEGO tour, if we go to all the shows and place well we can get some money in the end.... Here is the myspace page on the WEGO tour
Not to sure but here in CALIFORNIA a decent paint job like the one they are doing with blocking and putting those fiber glass bumpers your looking at around 2000.00 to 2500.00.

If you look at all the work they are doing like removing the window moldings and door handles and not to mention those bumpers its alot of work.
Yup thats about right for us down here.
Here are the pics I have of the poly primer going on

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Here are a couple of more while it was out side

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i didnt see him do it but from what he told me was he seperated the panel, flatened it out and shrink it and weld it back together. he is supose to be a kick ass metel worker. from what i see, he is
yup that's another way to do, on the one we did I used all metal filler. Much stronger and has metal properties in it unlike plastic fillers
any new updates
no not as of yet but we should have much more progress done this week...
street trends Impala mikes there is even a vender on eBay selling smooth bumpers
yeeea i love em too just ordered the complete set last friday. Hopefully they show up tomorrow:D
cwm2 I am ordering a set off e-bay right now... Any yes the car had been put on the back burner for a while. They got about a week to finish the body work and then another for paint. Then it goes back to me for air ride, interior and stereo. But in the mean time I have been working on this

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Aww Adam, Alex know you got that in there? And it's my car in there and there is know rush on it fellas.
lol ya he been bugging me to help him on a bike. I kinda like it. I might do another after your car.
Here are the only two pics I took

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nope no prints LOL
well its like a 2 person shop which is adam and voodooo so of course it will take time you rush them and then you have flaws.unlike foose he can finish a ride in 7 days e sometimes but look at all his help even though hes a freind of mine.but when i was doing auto body sometimes we would have cars there for 2 or more months. so i think there doing good for 2 person shop
I've just got another help a month ago, and need another one now. Plus we are pack full of cars. This week alone 5 more cars showed up, which puts me at 9 cars total in the shop. I've got 2 more bugging to get in to. But this car will be done by april 10 if I've gotta put in 15 hour days then i've gotta put in 15 hour days...

Shh, I don't have a problem with it, and I'm the one paying for it!!!!!
and in the end your the one who matters, not some dude from FL..
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