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Car headed to the Paint shop.

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Dropped her off last weekend. Will try to put up photos each week to show the progress. Maurice (Texas_Voodoo) and Adam (ShowSS12) are doing the honors down in Sugarland, TX.


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What is a good price to have it painted. They quotes I have been getting range from $1200 local guy, $2000 really good local guy and $1300 at Maaco all prices include body work.
Not to sure but here in CALIFORNIA a decent paint job like the one they are doing with blocking and putting those fiber glass bumpers your looking at around 2000.00 to 2500.00.

If you look at all the work they are doing like removing the window moldings and door handles and not to mention those bumpers its alot of work.

Looks like it going to be a really nice whip and the hint of red will set it of...
DAMN! you Tejas boys aint no joke thats a real good job i didnt get that kind of job and i paid about 2000.00 dollars just for the outside and the color sanding was and extra 200.00 imma have to send my next car to you guys good work... cant wait to see the end result
1 - 2 of 210 Posts
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