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Car headed to the Paint shop.

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Dropped her off last weekend. Will try to put up photos each week to show the progress. Maurice (Texas_Voodoo) and Adam (ShowSS12) are doing the honors down in Sugarland, TX.


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Cant wait to see it!
Were they at voodoo???? Need pics of your car with the new wheels too:D
DAMN voodoo looks like your done with the body work,NICE.

Your wagon looks sick! love it,you should black out them pillers.
Looking good voodoo!
you guys take forever to paint the car. im sure the owner is getting impatient.
SMH.....This one will be done right the 1st time out,unlike your crappy "aint jobs"......
Damn good work voodoo! look at the underside of that trunk:eek:
Looking good,voodoo you went all out on this project.PROPS to you bro.

PS:Buddy ruiend my breakfast:mad:
pics VOODOO! pics!
The body lines over the smoothed rear molding look great! Nice work bro...
Hell yeah! looking good warren...what did you place at the show??
1 - 10 of 210 Posts
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