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Carl Malone ripped me off

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A few months ago I bought almost a complete interior from Carl. He never sent me the door panels that I paid him $100 for. I got the old runaround and him changing his story every time I talked to him. I even have emails from him that totally contradict each other. Some of what I did get from him was damaged from his horrible packaging.
I know he's done a lot of business on this forum and that is why I thought I could trust him. I talked to him on several ocasions and he seemed like a nice guy.
Please don't comment with "he's a stand up guy" or "he took care of me" and other such things because he flat out ripped me off and I reallly don't want to hear that. There is no excuse for he unprofessional behavior.
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You will always be a looser, because you never even tried to resolve any of the issues you have with all
the people you owe. You just keep selling on this forum and people keep buying from you, yet you never
send a dime to anyone. Partiularly SKIP. You have owed him for three going on four years. You owe me
for at least that long. I can't see if you are disabled how you don't get on SSI. Maybe you already are and you are just selling these parts to supplament your income. No one really knows because you are such a bull**** artist. You have shown me nothing but contemp for years now and have come right out and said you will never pay me
I have tried in so many ways to give you a chance to bring this to a resolution, but you just keep shovelling the ****. I DEMAND YOU LEAVE, RESIGN,
SCOTT W. You have the power to do something about this a$$hole. Please do something so we can all be done with this guy once and for all. He will never live up to his committments here. He only brings shame on the forum and his getting away with this only encourages others to do the same. as noted eleswhere on this FEEDBACK THREAD.
Thank you for your kind attention to this very important matter
Russell YoungBlood zap96ss

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Didn't Hack just say he banned all of Carl's screen names and IP addresses? Scroll up.

Originally posted by HACK:
Carl has at least 4 logins that I could find. They have all been deactivated and his ip has been banned.

He screwed me on a door panel purchase some years ago.
Carl screwed the man ?

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