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In response to popular demand, CAR Motorsports is announcing a SPRING Group Purchase on a few of our most popular items. This GP is a celebration of and kickoff to the spring car show season and in honor of the GOFASST Daytona Show in Daytona, Florida (March 25th). Here's the products and details of this GP.

SHIPPING ON THESE ITEMS is included in the prices below


Item no. 1 is our carpets. We offer a premium carpet and an OEM plus carpet. The premium carpet offers longer carpet fibers for greater plushness and thicker and more fibers per square inch for greater density. This carpet far exceeds the quality and feel of the Factory carpet. Our OEM plus carpet is more like factory carpet in feel and appearance (but still a little thicker and plusher), but the quality is far superior. Both types of carpet are available with Rubber Backing. Prices are as follows:

$229.95 PREMIUM Interior Carpet (Wagons incl)
$229.95 PREMIUM Wagon CARGO Area Carpet Kit
$ 99.95 PREMIUM 10 pc Interior Accessory Kit
$139.95 OEM Plus Carpet
$139.95 OEM Plus Wagon Cargo Area Carpet Kit
$ 74.95 OEM Plus 10pc Interior Accessory Kit
$ 70.00 Rubber Backing (to add it to interior or Wagon Cargo area carpets)


We offer a variety of mats including 4pc Floor mats, 3pc Floor Mats, Trunk Mats (Hack Storage Kit pattern and Regular Pattern). Visit our website for color choices. The surging can be in the matching mat color or in a different color to offer a contrast look. Pricing as follows:

$150 - 4pc Mats with logos on front mats. Xtra logos are $30 per pair (like adding logos to rear mats would be $30 extra).

$165 - 3pc Mats with logos on fronts and a single logo on the center section of the 1pc rear mat. Xtra Logos are $30 per pair.

$130 - Trunk Mat in either Hack Pattern or OEM Pattern with 1 large logo on mat. Xtra logos are $20 each.

Please specify if surging is to be same color or a different color.


The CAR Motorsports spare tire cover is a significant improvement over the OEM STC. Our cover utilizes significantly higher quality materials. Construction includes a board behind the material for rigidity and appearance. The bottom of the cover features a heavy duty elastic band for more secure installation and a better appearance. Pricing is as follows:

$69.95 PLAIN spare tire cover in Black or OEM Gray colors

$84.95 Spare Tire Cover with ONE logo (like Impala Emblem, or Impala Text, or Cross Flags)

$99.95 Spare Tire Cover with TWO logos (like Impala emblem with Impala ss text below or Cross Flags with Impala SS text below)


Our car cover was posted in another GP. We have about 6 left and will continue that GP Offer here. The cover includes a storage bag, lock and cable and an exclusive custom strap system to secure the cover to your car (no other cover has this system). Pricing is as follows:

$215 for Cover with 3 logos. 1 each on storage bag, front nose, and rear tail.


We are including our emblems in this GP. They are as follows:

$79.95 per pair for our 5.7 SUPERCHARGED, TURBOCHARGED and HIGH OUTPUT emblems.

$79.95 per pair for our LT1 5.7 V8 emblems that resemble the Corvette Z06 emblems in appearance.

$45 per pair for our Impala SS Sail Panel Emblems. These emblems are CORRECT in size for your car (unlike the current W body emblems which are slightly smaller).

If there's any other items of interest, let us know.

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So are all prices listed the GP price for any number of buyers, or is there going to be different price "tiers" depending on 20 or 30 people in the GP?


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Originally posted by JD1996SS:
So are all prices listed the GP price for any number of buyers, or is there going to be different price "tiers" depending on 20 or 30 people in the GP?

PRices are regardless of buyer numbers. No tier pricing.



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How do we order, directly with you, or from the website with some additional information to let you know we are part of the GP?
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