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I was wondering if there were any catalogs out there that were for our B body cars? Having parts and supplies? Almost like some I've seen for older cars for restoration and performance upgrades. I've tried to google it and search here with no luck... Thanks guys!
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FYI-I worked for a Chevrolet Truck restoration company ( for off and on ten years. During this time, we started making a few parts that were never before available in Taiwan. We even shipped a complete Truck overseas once. We became the ONLY source for several different parts. I have thought about having a few parts made overseas but I just dont know if the demand would be there or not. Of course you have to order a crap load of something before they will make it. Say if you made the arm rests, then they would want around 300 or so per side to be pre-ordered before they would even make them.

Things I've considered:
-Wheel Opening Moldings (Impala)
-Armrest pads (Dyeable)

Can't do anything with GM logos on it.
Why do they have to be made overseas? Im sure there is a stateside source, I wonder if they require as many units or the cost is just so much more?

I HATE every time I put a foriegn part on my american car. I almost have a list of the foriegn parts in my head so that I may replace them with american ones when they wear out or I find an american made version.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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