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While the rest of you slept last night I finished the front end rebuild on my 95 9c1.
The NAPA parts installed by the PDept were marginal after 60K so I went back with all
moog problem solvers bjoints and bushings plus
camber correcter. Plus SS springs and ZQ8s.Well I went to advance auto and picked up tie rods yesterday and new end links and was impressed with the 18203HD end link kit for $5.83 they are USA parts and while not as firm as poly they are plenty stiff. I think they must be like the z-28 end links.

Anyway-cheap , USA made, available local=

javascript:ShowImage' 79_24_full.jpg', 575, 461;[/IMG] http://javascript:ShowImage' 99/646779_19_full.jpg', 575, 461;[/IMG]
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