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did a search.. didnt find any definate answers.. just questions
so ill answer..i got some chrome stock wheels with no caps..
i did have regular caps though.. noticed the metal cover over them..
i removed the cover. cleaned the grime off with soap & water..
then polished the staines with chome polish.. took alil elbow grease
but it came out ok.. not a show piece but better than nothing.. you may
have to put tape around the clips so it wont be loose. here are some pics

started with this

ended with this

get your cap, turn it over

pry a part of the lip up. the use some pliers to peel the lip back all the way around

then lift the cover off

youll have a dirty grimey surface

wash off with soap n water.. then polish with chrome polish or something none abrasive.. it takes alil elbow grease to get all the stains out

then you can be happy cruzin

hope this helps

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need a little advice....

i tried your method and used a kitchen sink sponge, the yellow/green kind and scratched my center to follow.

is it possible to buff/sand them out ?
i started with rag and water then went to Mr. clean magic eraser, then nylon scrub brush but the dirt would not come off....cwm3
the green side of sponge was only thing that made a dent.

you think i can fix this by hand or do i need to break out the dremel with buff pad and the "green" compound ???

I don't wanna fubar the other 3...cwm5
-ALF out...
ooh...i think you ruined that one. you must not use anything abrasive.
the caps are chromed plastic. so once the chrome is scratched or worn off
there is no hope. you have to be patient and use non abrasive clothe, cleaner, and polishers..and alot of elbow grease. you may have to find some not so thrashed caps to do.. good luck

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Thanks mrbbody for this tip. Saved me some $$$ and they don't look bad at all. Still need some more polishing but lm satisfied. Just to be on safe side, I used double sided tape on the small tabs in center of wheel and its a pretty tight fit since I'm missing tabs on cover. Sorry no pics though.
thanks, glad it helped;)

Is this a sticky yet?
should be...
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