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OK, need some expert help. How does one go about removing all those chrome mouldings around the side windows on a wagon?
I see one screw on the top and bottom moulding on the inside of the front doors. I see two screws on each end on the inside of the rear doors. What holds those mouldings on, in the middle?
And, I take it, the entire headliner and plastic interior panels must be removed, to gain axcess to the screws that hold the chrome trim and the 1/4 windows? Those come out as one unit, right?
I 'spose one can still get the 'seals/cauking/?' for the 1/4 windows?
What is the (simple ?) procedure to remove all those mouldings? AND, put them back?
Also on the roof rack. How does those big cross bars come off? Y'know, the ones that slide back and forth.

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I will be keeping my eye on this post because i need to remove mine aswell you would think it would be a simple as just removeing the screws but noo lol sorry i cant help you tho man

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I just took all mine off but I have an impala if the doors are similar maybe the pics can help you out.


the ones on the top are pressure fit but you have to pull down the wheather strip for the window to take them off.

the ones at the bottom are held by clips(see pics)
and the one around the mirros are also held by 1 screw (you have to remove the mirror to have acess to it) and another pressure fit screw and you will need a panel remover tool for it.

you can see the tool
I used, it scrached the crap out of my paint but since the car is getting repainted I did not care.

HIGH Res pics
improvised tool used

back of bottom pice held with clips

clips that hold down bottom pice

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Please STOP !!!

No such tool is needed nor will you scratch your paint/door if the molding is removed correctly.
I've removed many to paint and here is the process I've used successfully:

1)Remove the inner door panel

2)Lower the window

3)Remove the rubber weather stripping from the door/window frame. (This is allot harder then it sounds. I've had much success with gripping the upper corner of the window area portion of the rubber and pulling it directly down) This relieves the window from placing pressure on the outside chrome & rubber moldings.

4) Remove the bolts for the upper chrome/rubber molding (2).
5) Remove the mirror (95 & 96) and the triangular portion of molding behind the mirror (94/95/96) (one screw and body clip) Remove the corner piece first slightly out to unsnap the clip (use a door panel clip tool) then down so as not to bend the upper chrome/rubber molding that goes up and follows the window's contour (which is connected with a tab that interconnects the upper chrome molding and the corner piece)and gently pull the corner piece out.

6)Gently grasp the upper molding from the frame in a downwards motion as it clips to the frame by sandwiching the metal frame.

7)Grasp the lower chrome/rubber molding by firmly grasping it from inside of the door (with the window down)It is held with multiple clips as shown on the picture above. It is on tight so you need to use a great deal of muscle - careful not to bend it as you pull. When done correctly the rubber portion that normally seals the window and the outside chrome piece come out as one - with no clips remaining on the door. Don't worry if it separates as you remove it - you can reassemble it before you install it.

Assembly is in reverse order.

This may seem like allot but if you are painting the results are better vs. taping off the molding.

Hope this helps some of you, - Now I gotta go into the garage and prep my buddies kid's B=-body wagon for paint!
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