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Hey guys. I still offer the DIY kits. I have 1 kit on the shelf, and more material on order. Please contact me at [email protected] to place an order.

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I am finalizing the design on a Class IIII/IV wagon hitch, and am guaging interest on making a small run of these. The goal is to have a design that fits 77-96 wagons. Here is a sneak peak at the design, you will see the chain plate, receiver tube are not in the model, but i wanted to get the side plates out to my laser cutter so he can get working on those ASAP.

The hitch uses the ~17mm hole in the underside of the frame rail, as well as the 4 lower bumper shock bolts, similar to how the production hitches were made when they were still available. . The bumper bolts are will be upgraded to 10mm bolts, likely grade 9.8, up from the stock 8mm bolts. Minor drilling will be needed to open the holes up from ~9mm to 10.5, aka roughly 13/32. You will see that i have included access to attach the dual exhaust hanger brackets for the LT1 cars, and the hitch should not interfere with the earlier single exhausts that route closer to the fuel tank.*

Hardware includes:
2-internal frame plates to keep the bolts from turning
2- 1/2" Carriage bolts
4- M10 bumper mount bolts
4-M10 flange nuts
4- heavy self tapping screws for the exhaust brackets.*

I am targetting a price of $225 + shipping. This will include all mounting hardware required and I intend to ship them uncoated/unpainted, since they get chipped up in shipping anyway. I'd also like to do these in batches, so feedback on a group purchase is welcome.*
I’ll buy one for my 1995 BRW!
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