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Hey Car Showers
Randy, The 100K+ Class IS JUST AN OPTIONAL CLASS for right now. IF there are enough vehicles to have this class, THEN one Can be added at the Event.
This is NOT a Regular ISSCA Class, Just an OPTION for each EVENT. ISSCA KNOWS that each year that our Impalas are driven, the miles are adding up. SSo...UNTIL these High Mileage Vehicles are Predominant, the OVER 100K+ Class is still NOT a Regular Class for ISSCA. Its up to the EVENT Organizers to have this class as well and any others they choose.
Don't worry, I feel that one is coming real soo.


BBBone SStock,
Yes, Your Correct !!

There are ONLY 2 Mileage Classes, the 0 to 50K Miles Class and the 50K+ Mileage Class.

The 100K+ Mileage Class is an Optional Class as described above.

I HOPE the 100K+ Class is Clearer now and that You Still have the Option to compete w/the 50K+ Class, OR go into a 100K+ Class IF OFFERED. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO WHICH CLASS YOU WANT TO COMPETE IN.

SS-ya in St.Louie
Larry D
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