I finally had a 6.0 transplanted into my '93 Caprice and have no further need for a bunch of parts I had been holding onto. I would prefer a pick up but I understand NH is not close to a lot of people. I can ship UPS ground from work with UPS's business rates. Any prices below do NOT include shipping. If you're interested in something, I can bring it to work, find out what the shipping cost would be and you make the decision whether it's worth it to you or not. No hard feelings if it isn't.
My car has been a garage queen for the last 25 years since I have owned it. It was originally a Chief's 9C1 and I got it with less than 50k. I've only driven it just over 15k since '98 when I got it. It is very corrosion free as are any parts off it. There are a few parts off the LS donor which were not used. The donor had less than 20k on it.

Rear Impala springs. $50
rear Impala springs 2.jpg

Rear 9C1 springs- $50
Automotive tire Tire Synthetic rubber Art Rim

Caprice grill- $50
Automotive lighting Grille Automotive parking light Rectangle Automotive exterior

Caprice hood ornament - $50
Motor vehicle Material property Cross Font Symbol

3/8" screw in rocker studs-new$25.00
Impala rear springs, <15k miles$50.00
9C1 rear springs, about 50k miles$50.00
original rear lower control arms$25.00
dynomax 24215- 2 1/2" bullet mufflers, 2 available, new in box$25e
head bolt set- new in bagsgone
original TBI air filter box$25.00
TBI air filter box for CAI$40.00
box of misc TBI parts, injectors, gaskets, spacers, full bodies inc BB TBI$50.00
LS throttle body 87mm, DBW$50.00
LS cruise control module$35.00
LS pcm$75.00
LS AC compressor$100.00
L05 starter, 50k milesfree
Jacobs ignition, Omni version$100.00
L05 timing chain set- usedfree
Caprice TBI fuel lines- TBI to lines$20.00
Caprice AC- complete as far as I can tell, compressor, condenser, lines$100.00
Caprice 9C1 alternator, high amperage but with underdrive pulley mounted$25.00
Bowtie OverdriveTV cable- new in box$10.00
Caprice grill$50.00
93 ECM$25.00
9C1 front sway bar- 1.180"$40.00
2" bored TBI intake to accept BB TBI$50.00

I'd be glad to answer any questions. If pick up is not possible, then Paypal works for me.