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Yet another great feedback thread for Dan and Clear Image Automotive:

I’ve bought Quad 1’s, hookup pipes, cats, Torsen T2R, gears, bearing kit from Dan over the past few years and was always happy with his service, products & the outcome on my car... but my conversation with Dan today really exemplifies that he is the kind of person I want to keep doing business with.

So I’m selling my Quad 1 extended hook up pipes in the for sale section. I unintentionally misrepresent that they are stainless as opposed to aluminized steel. Someone suggests that they aren’t stainless. I don’t really know the difference, so I call Dan.

Without hesitation Dan asks when I purchased them. Based on the date he says that they are an earlier version made of aluminized steel & is even willing to give me a suggestion on what they might be worth used.

Dan is a real class act in my book.

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