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CLS AMG brake set up?

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I work for a very big dismantler in california. We are overstocked w/ these caliper and rotors from Mercedes AMG's. I was thinking about a set from a 05 cls AMG, opinions pls.
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This is a very informative thread. I have driven my ss clone with a Ls3 engine for half a year now, and it is now obvious for me that these cars need some brake upgrade. Not that the stock setup is very bad, but with some hard driving it get to hot and that cause vibrations cracked rotors and so one.
For me it is important that I can use the 17”impala ss wheels. I like the thought of using corvette parts, but I am not sure if the setup that fits under the stock wheels is a big enough upgrade to solve the brake problems over time.
When I reed throughout the whole treat with all the details and pictures (very good write up), it hit me that someone are putting a lot of money and work on this brake upgrade thing. And after spending a lot of money and time on the brakes, the front end of this cars still are a dinosaur of the past.
If I could make a wish for our cars, I would wish a new spindle with provision for modern big brakes and shorter steering arms for a rack and pinion steering.
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1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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