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clubs in DC, MD, VA contact info?

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I need info and contact info for the chapter in this area,how to join, and where they meet. i own a 1994 lt1 caprice and im trying to join a club thanks
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down here there are alot of clubs u just gotta feel em out to see which one fits u best u hav...MD INC...DC INC...BOWTIE BOYZ...HEAVY METAL CONCEPTS...AND ALOT OF SMALLER LOCAL CLUBS UR BEST BET IS ONE OF THE INC. CLUBS... BOWTIE BOYZ... OR HMC!

Yeah, I checked out those clubs when I first moved to this area but never heard anything back. If you know how to contact them, hit me up.
pm sent
there u go playa thats one reply! pusha when and where is the next meet?
april 24th at capital raceway cwm1
ill be there! april 24th at capitol right?
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WAIL is definitely a good look. Make sure in joining that you use proper grammar and mention who you are when emailing. Hope that helps!


P.S. Fred get at me!
hey pusha what time yal gonna be up capitol? i was messin around with ur boy dirtyharry seeing if he wanted to make pass with me since his car is stock he aint reply but i was joking with him i didnt want him thinking i was calling him out on some bully $h1T but ill be there how much to get in and race? gotta find a battery tie down tech always be fooling with me....if it aint my helmets its something under the hood!
Harrys not scared to make a pass againts you I don't think he's ben back to this thread yet. I'm not sure as of yet what time we are going to get there. We are meeting up as a crew then riding down there. We just haven't discused it yet.
naw naw naw! im not saying he was scared! dont want yal taking it the wrong i said i was asking him since his car is stock alot of yal was running on slicks i was seeing if he wanted to make a pass with me since im stock make the event fun u kno and i kno that will be something yal wanna see got much respect for yal didnt want yal thinking i was calling slim out on some big headed bully $h1T...we both kno we dont wanna be runnin against a 10 second car knowing we gonna lose when we all can round up some close matches and make this fun for all of us u kno....$h1tz and giggles ill shake his hand when we done and much respect to the winner and runner up for even having the balls to step up and make a pass down the quarter with a stock car cuz alot of people are too big headed to do so.....u feel what im saying homie?
Oh I know that's not what you ment I know you wasn't calling him out lol it's cool but I thought you had mods done to your car? Several of us is stock or mostley stock so you will have a chance to line up with me and a few others that's in the crew with minor mods...
see pusha if u think about it i have no major mods done remember my car is a tbi car so yes the heads and bottom end is still completely if u think about it the parts i added didnt really add much power and if u look up the 350 tbi it didnt even make much power compared to a probably has about the same hp and torque as a lt1 now but i might dyno it this week and ill make sure ill keep yal not expecting alot out of it
Ok hope she runs strong keep us posted
i will....did u follow my build thread to see what all i did as far as the conversion?
I've read the thread a week or two ago I belive I know u have the car setup and everything
I've read the thread a week or two ago I belive I know u have the car setup and everything

told u it aint much! my main focus is cutting most of the weight off the car....which is kinda hard cuz its my daily driver and i have kids so i dont wanna cut up too much stuff and then we talkin bout a unsafe car u kno....which one of yal have a paint gun?
My car is mostly stock too...I shall be running. Not big headed or anything but I will line up against any car (bracket racing) but if it's heads up...I still would consider it as long as I don't end up on a T-shirt or YouTube vid looking piss poor.
over filled my trans by a quart and now my first gear is very long gotta drain it out and see if it clears up! if not 5 speed swap is on my list!
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