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Hey there everyone.
I was wondering if there are any B/D-body clubs in the Downriver Detroit area, or the Detroit area in general.

I've owned 2 91 Caprice Classics in the past. The first one, I played around with alot and finally sold it due to how much it was going to cost to drive it with the Big Block I put in it. And I needed money for my wedding that was only months away at the time.
The second one was stolen from me just a couple of months ago.

I currently own a 95 Roadmaster, and would like to know if there are any local clubs around.
Maybe learn some tips and tricks, and share some aswell.

I'm also looking for a few different b-body parts, would probably be easier to find the stuff I'm looking for, if I had as my wife puts it "a local support group."

Thanks in advance, hope to get some reponse to the post.

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