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Alright, I know there have been several people asking for a Precision Converter sale.
So here is what we are offering:

Vigilante Single Disc Converter w/ Transgo Shift Kit:
Shipped Price- $769.97

Vigilante 3 Plate Converter w/ Transgo Shift Kit:
Shipped Price- $969.97

Shipped price includes shipping to continental 48 states.
Hawaii customers please call, pm or email for shipping adjustment.

This sale will be good until 2/10/05

Precision's lead time is 3 days right now and ideally, I'd like to group as many orders at a time as we can.

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Originally posted by Handyman:
what stall speed for that price? Called jack at precision last week. 3000-3200??
Just need specs on the car, the stall your looking for will most likely fall into the first single disc style.
The 3 plate is for alot more abuse.

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Originally posted by TAKN2XSS:
Are you offering the 5 plate as well? Price?
You know, I asked about that a few months back for clarification on my end, and Vicki said that they only do a 3 disc as an upgrade for the LT1/LS1 setups.

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My understanding is that the advances made in recent years with the clutch materials pretty much makes the 5 disc obsolete, might check with a TC builder to verify that though.
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