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More through searching and google.
EDIT: I noticed the list in the thread above does not include your codes, so here's the 1st hit with DuckDuckGo with a list that does:

The "1" in front of your codes designates it as "historical", and having been logged as a previous (but no longer) fault. IDK about B-bodies, but OBD1 D-bodies can clear codes through the dash. Most parts houses don't keep old OBD1 readers behind the counter anymore, so google and follow whatever procedure for clearing them (ex: buy a reader, find a business with one, .....) and see if they return.

So, your first post. Better if you get familiar with forum guidelines to get the most out of it/us. Start here and read the 2nd stickie.

Put a location in your profile, and take the time to make out a signature line with your car's details. It'll pay off in spades with the most relevant and rewarding responses when you post issues and questions.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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