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Parts for Caprices, Wagons, Fleetwoods, Roadmasters. Inventory changes as I acquire/sell items.
Most prices include shipping.
Discounts for multiple purchases.

PM me, DO NOT POST. I check my PMs daily.

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All prices include free shipping for CONUS unless otherwise marked. Check for outside CONUS. Pickup available on all parts with discount for shipping

New Transgo 700R4 (700-2&3) kit, new $85
New SRMS small block oil pan $50 plus shipping.
New timing set for 2 piece rear seal SBC $30.

Recent Picks: 91 OCC cladding RR door, LR door, RF front fender, R&L rear corner $30-50. Rear glass wiper arm $55. RM or 91 OCC left flyaway panel tan $45. 95-96 outside mirror glass Left only $30. Right front wheelhouse 94-96 Caprice style with small rust hole $45 + Greyhound shipping. Rebuildable wagon/Caprice antenna has good mast $50. Set of 4 9C1 trim rings $130. RMS right front marker single bulb driver quality $40. 94 DS front door shell $55 + packing and shipping. RMS front marker light pair very good driver quality single bulb $90. RMS left front single bulb marker almost perfect $70. Caprice/Roadmaster wagon headlight harness for two light marker one repair $75. Nice battery tray $50. 93 nice right side wheelhouse $75+shipping. Like new 94-96 radiator very few miles $50 plus shipping. Headlights with brackets $70. Complete 21mm Panther rear antirollbar w/new end links and bushings $90 plus shipping. Front upper arm bolts $9 each. 95-6 manual PS rear view mirror paint fair no lens $30. Brake proportioning valve 91-3 or 94-6 $60. DGGM front door bottom trim fair paint both $40. 95-96 front exterior window wipes w/trim both $40. RMW rear DS with rubber (detached) screw under the rubber $50.

Passenger's side RMS opera light $25.
RMS 91-3 taillights driver quality $125.
RMW 91-3 gate and wiper switch $30.
RMW tailgate stainless $65.
Complete keyed alike lockset w/key for 91-6 Caprice wagon, 91-3 RMW 91-2 OCC $75 (Does not include ignition set)
Vapor recovery canister mount 94-6 $35
Engine compartment light lens $18
Engine compartment light w/lens $38
94-5 coolant tank one port capped $50
Hood latch cable $35 with handle $50
Hood latch $25
Camaro LT1 throttle linkage cover $30
TBI water pump $10 + shipping
Wiper control module $38
LO3 starter $40 + shipping
RMS DS and PS front window run channels for chrome rear strip. Like new, no gap at front $75 ea
4 manual window regulators $60 + shipping
Door latch DS front w/lock motor & striker $70
RMS rear DS window regulator $65 +shipping
Front door window regulator DS or PS $75 +shipping
RMS front fenders $120 each shipped
RMS 92 93 wheel houses (L&R) $120
91 OCC (early hole pattern) front PS fender paint to match $70 + ship by Greyhound
RMW various exterior belt line trim $15-35 + shipping
RMW PS rear corner trim no rubber or clips small dent $18
Wheelhouse extension wagon/caprice R 91-3 R/L 94-6 $45 each
RMS marker chrome trim L&R w/good rubber $$35
Caprice/OCC/RMW marker DS one 2 bulb, one 1 bulb yellow $35 each
Caprice wagon rear corner trim both sides $25
Wagon tank straps w/bolts $50 plus shipping
RMW front fender front point L&R faded $40
Caprice front fender rocker trim L&R $30
Front DS door rocker trim $45
Rear fender wagon rocker trim DS $15
RMW rear door rocker trim $35
OCC rear bumper cover needs paint $100 + shipping by Greyhound
Wagon rear door seals 1L 1R $60 each
Vista glass $150 + $80 packing + $120 shipping
RMW/91 OCC quarter windows w/rear wings $200 ea. + $115 packing + 175 shipping
Driver side front door glass $50 plus packing and shipping
Driver side wagon rear door glass $35 plus packing and shipping
95-6 IMPALA/Caprice sedan quarter glass PS $65
Passenger's side wing window $65
Driver's side wing window $75
Both sides rear wing windows $125
Wagon gate glass handle $28
Wagon gate striker $30
Gate solenoid $45
93-96 Gate top glass seal $40
DS RMW rear turn signal (bezel painted red) $35
Wagon center tail light top only $25
Third light contact insert $20
Wagon CHSL misc colors w/handle $65
Caprice/wagon headlight w/bracket R or L $55 + shipping
B-body jack w/wrench never used $75 used $45
TBI hat from Caddy $35
1968 Impala tail lights (2) w/wires $60
1964 Impala rear fender letters missing one "A" $20
1955 Packard rear door ashtray unused $8
1967 Jaguar 4.2 Saloon large box of misc interior parts $50 + shipping

Shipping credits for multiple purchases.
Select payment "to friends", and I will accept paypal at [email protected].
Over 3 lbs will go by FEDEX. Include name. address, and phone number

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All prices include FREE shipping for CONUS unless marked otherwise
pickup available on any part with discount for shipping

Wagon spare tire cover retainer "nut" NEW $20, 2 for $35, 5 for $80.

Headlight switch nut from G20 van. Fits RM headlight switch $25.

Just picked: 91-93 camel visors (pair) $65. Gray 94- 95 front seat belt $45. 91-93 Caprice DMR plastic steering wheel $30 + shipping (no airbag). 94-96 RM tan driver side door interior panel is nice, trim is loose $125 + shipping. 96 style flip out cup holder for armrest like new $35. 93 RR Caprice dash pad excellent condition $145 (no shipping). 95-96 Caprice/Impala clear trunk light lens $25. RR seat belt w/R retractor $55. 93 tan gate handles $30. 93 tan bulb holder for CHSL $25. 12 way Bonneville seat controller $70. 91-93 Caprice gray dash pad needs SEM $100 pick up only. 91-2 OCC elec AC module (off/on button plastic damaged) w/rear defrost $50. 1991 only gray seat belt with PS retractor (can be swapped to DS retractor) has coathanger style of upper anchor $55

One RR & one DSB vinyl non airbag steering wheels w/horn buttons for Olds $45 each.

Dark Maple Red Caprice sq dome light cover with lens $20
DMR Caprice dash burl woodgrain insert w/glovebox strip & 2 of 3 vents $75 + shipping
DMR 2 rear floor mats NIOB $55
DMR 91-93 fuse box cover $15
DMR OCC Airbag $50
DMR RMW/S Airbag no horn buttons $50
DMR 91 vanity visors lighted (w/o center clip) nice $40
DMR 91-3 glove box door $30
DMR front DS & PS courtesy lights $35
DMR 91-3 DS & PS front door interiors velour top small chip on DS $150
CAMEL L&R front door panels w/switch panels small cut in DS at rear sturdy $150
CAMEL L&R front door panels w/switch panels DS arm rest $200
DARK TAN 93 RM defrost vent $20
DARK TAN 93 passenger's side AC vent housing $20
TAN 94-6 driver door arm rest needs cleaning $65
TAN 94-6 vista window trim w/shade $70
TAN rear vanity lights w/coat hooks, $20
TAN 94-6 RMW/S door pulls from 1 front 2 rear $27
TAN wide glove box latch (no key) $15
TAN 96 Caprice seat belt ends w/plastic cover $22
TAN RMW/Caprice cargo cover holder clips $15
TAN 94-6 RMW passenger's side front door panel trim $40+shipping.
TAN 94-6 tail gate latch handles (both) $30
TAN 94-6 tail gate interior no ripped top holes $95
GRAY 91-3 Caprice Wagon cherry woodgrain dash front Cherry w/glovebox strip and PS vent minor damage $50 + shipping
GRAY 91-3 RMW/S rear door ash tray UNUSED $15
GRAY 91-3 headliner courtesy light delete panels w/coat hooks $15
GRAY 91-3 headliner courtesy light panels w/coat hooks $30
GRAY 94-6 RM rear door inserts w/grill open $30
GRAY 94-6 wagon rear headliner trim $45
DARK SAPPHIRE BLUE 91-3 right vent dash piece $30
DSB OCC cloth front seat covers with foam, headrest covers, and center arm rest $175 + shipping
DSB RM cloth center arm rest some wear $55
DSB Pair of front seatbelts w/retractors $90
DSB OCC dash complete needs some attention, but face not damaged $150
DSB glove box latch with key $30
DSB rear door ash tray from RMS/W $15
LT BLUE Pair of 94-6 front seatbelts no retractors $45
LT BLUE 94-6 PS front armrest $25
LT BLUE front threshold for 94-6 $45 each $65 pair
LT BLUE rear threshold for 94-6 $40 each $60 pair
LT BLUE center belt recepticles for buckets $65
BLACK pair of rear door inserts $30
RR 93 Caprice/RM steering column cover under dash all clips present $50 one year color
RR Caprice dash piece for over the glovebox 91-3 in excellent condition. $15
RR 93 Caprice/RM passenger side dash bottom cover $40 one year color
RR PS and DS front threshold for 94-6 $45 each both $65
RR 93 unused rear ashtray (1) $15
RR 93 CAP defrost vent $25
RR headliner courtesy light panels w/coat hooks $35
RR Caprice rear window switch bezel w/switches $30/pair
91-3 wagon hatch release/wiper switch $35
Caprice/RM/OCC seat motors for both seats $40
Caprice sedan rear seatbelt retractor (DS only) $35
DS front seat belt retractor $35
9C1 Police rear seatbelt buckles with easy cinch $40
B-body column shift lever exc. $30
94-6 RMW/S headlight switch $20
RMW vista shade with clips to hold open $50
92-6 RMS trunk light $20
Electronic HVAC fan control for RM & OCC $65
AC vents (PM for color and style) $15 each, 2 for $25, 4 for $40
Manual window crank handles (2) Blue (1) TAN $12/ea
92-6 Seat belt bolt covers (asstd colors) $12 each 2 for $16
91 Seat belt bolt covers (1 blue, 1 red, 2 gray) $12 each 2 for $16
91 upper seat belt anchor $12
Square dome light lens $12
OVAL dome light w/mount 1 Tan $25
Rear view mirror 91-93 w/compass $40
Rear view mirror 93-94 w/auto dim $40
94-6 RM Under dash cover panel PS $45
94-6 remote lock module black connectors $45
91-3 remote lock module green connectors $45
91 remote lock module gray connectors $45
HVAC knobs for 94-6 Caprice $15 each 3 for 30
RMW 94-6 unused ash trays (2) doors w/springs (3) $20
Caprice 94-6 front ASH TRAY SLIDERS $25 (pair)
91-3 RMW instrument cluster vg to ex. $90
91-2 OCC instrument cluster 278K $90
Parking brake release cable $30
Wagon cargo net hooks for rails $15 for 2
Wagon cargo net anchors for D pillar $18 for 2 asstd colors
Wing window hinge trim assts colors $18 each 2 for $28
Misc. stuff, call for availability

I accept paypal "to friends and family" at [email protected]. send your name, address, AND phone number separately.
Shipments over 3 lbs. will go by FEDEX

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93 Cadillac Fleetwood

Brake lines from proportioning valve to antilock module $80
Rear ash tray inserts unused small amount of rust on the bottom $15
Front seatbelts red (both) driver's side belt lower is worn $75
Front seatbelts gray (both) driver's side belt lower is worn $75
Ash tray Blue $35


Passenger's side air dam $30
Driver's side front chrome spear $45 + shipping
94 Front right bumperette with top trim $30
Front right and left bumperette trim $50
Chrome trim around marker lights $40
License plate/gas door $30 (from 93 FWB)
DS front door trim $45 + shipping
DS rear door trim small crease $35 + shipping
DS front wheel opening lip $40
PS front lower trim, bolt off but included from 93 $35
License plate gas door and lock with solenoid and manual release $75
DS and PS front window run channels excellent condition. $85

Misc. interior

BURGUNDY FW center defrost vent $25
GRAY rear vanities (2) $50 ($15 dollar shipping discount with purchase of headliner mount)
GRAY rear vanities with paint marker on one, both for $35
GRAY DS PS front door panels in good condition complete $145
TAN rear vanities (2) $50 ($15 dollar shipping discount with purchase of headliner mount)
Headliner mount for rear vanities $75
93 headlight sw panel $15
Door pulls w/speaker panels 2 front $65
DS seat track w/motor for F/R U/D no back tilt motor $75

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I picked all four door bottom trim panels for an 84 Buick Electra Station Wagon. I would like $95 shipped for all 4 pieces (plus an extra front driver's door trim that has a ding in it), and I have a handful of the clips for the trim.

I also have 4 of the dog dish hub caps with Buick logos on them one has a small dent $50 shipped.

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see above

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see above

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see above

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see above

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to the top

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94-96 are the same for wagons and sedans. I was at the JY yesterday. Wish I had known.

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If you wanted any spare parts then you can see it alternative parts and buy it.
There are no alternate parts. 95% of the parts are B body specific.

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Looking for a metal grill frame, that bolts to the hood for my '96 Impala, please.

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I do not have one. They are seldom in the yards. The Impalas are usually picked over before they ever get to a yard.

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Do you have Caprice wheel well trim?
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