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Congrats I2K2 race winners

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Congrats Ron Sellers for winning the quick 8 heads up natural and Pat Flavin for runner up.
Also Congratulations to the amazing Tina Lawson for here Bracket Race win. Her final round package was 0.008 !
congratulations PJ Gross for runner UP!

Tina, tell us how you do it.
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Congrats from me as well!

Tina's consistency was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

I don't know all of her secrets (but suspect that having REALLY good reflexes is one of them
), but one of them is that she left the car running the ENTIRE afternoon. This assured that the car was NOT heat soaking and was at a CONSISTENT coolant temperature the entire day.

Not to mention, her car was one of the MEANEST sounding ones there!

But yes, Tina put on a driving exhibition on Sunday that I think a lot of us could learn from....
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congrats to gassit's own john, bill and trey for taking home some hardware. :cool:

also congrats to miguel, who showed up from chicago and took the top honors in the big dog and power adder classes along with a show trophy.
What were the details in the Power adder class?
Were there some close races?

In Power Adder and Big Dog, Miguel won both running high 11's. I think John's car had some issues this past weekend, and thus only ran once.....not sure, I was on the other side of the lot AutoXing most of the day :D
Oh yeah Karl : there was one bracket race where I belive the MOV was 11 TEN-thousandths (i.e. 0.0011). Worked out at approx 90 MPH to be about 1/6th of an INCH!

Now THAT is some close racing!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AutocroSSer:
MOV was 11 TEN-thousandths (i.e. 0.0011). <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

OOOhhh. I like a finish line like that!
That's what makes bracket racing fun!
Yes John just ran once... against me. I came up to the "tunnel" and noticed that I would be up against John and thought "great, I get to race angainst John" :(
Well, I got a huge hole shot on him (my .688 or something against his 1.272 or so) and he never reeled me in. He beat my ET with his 14.76 (@114mph) but I got there first and took the win. His car must have had some problems. Of course this was all during the test & tune so it didn't matter. I was expecting to be spanked bad. Actually, I think traction was really crappy. :rolleyes:
Yes For All I Broke My Detroit Locker. Only Had One Wheel Pulling. And With The Very Limited Traction It Was Like I Was On Ice!!!!!! So I Packed It In Early!! Till The Next Time!!!!!

yeah! I saw Johns run. This is probably the only time my e/t was better than his! 14.680e/t
Will there be a formal results page posted in the future? It would be neat to see the qualifying ladder and the bracket race details.
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