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Edit: car is titled as a 95 caprice but has been upbadged with Impala exterior parts and the lt1 in it is not a 95nor is the transmission it's a 350turbo
but there it's a six wire plug anyone tell me what that connector the black one between gas and brake controls my guess and please be very specific with answers bcuz I have a hard time understanding abbreviatios of electrical wires
green with white tracer
and maybe grey with black tracer but not sure if it has a tracer at all I'm gonna eat supper I'll take better pics when I go back out if this doesn't help until then

Also I think it was a cop car idk bcuz it has a button 💡off and I know the orange wire has to do with brake lights but I'm trying to think of helpful stuff bcuz. Just about every solder connector is. Burning up turning brown flaking off so I'll take more pics here shortly

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