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I'm needing to pull the TC out of the car and send it off to get re-stalled.

Naturally this will tie up a rack for several days, so instead of tying up my transmission shop rack and piling up $$$, I thought about doing it my self.

I have a rack, and tranny lift, just have not pulled a auto in a while.

I don't remember what's got to be undone just to slide it back enough to get the TC out.

obviously , got to drop the drive shaft, but Crossmember ?

Undo the hyd lines ? Shift linkage ?

Not a newbie, but I just want to be sure I'm not doing something I don't need to.

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I just replaced my flexplate about a month ago and although you can probably get away with leaving the crossmember in the frame rail (unbolted it makes it easier to just take it out. I had to take the DS out, took X-member out for ease, took driveshaft safety loop off, I was able to leave my lines on, but wasn't messing with the TC. I think it'd be best for you to take the lines off if you are removing the TC because you will likely have to drop the tranny pretty far down to get the TC out.

Shift linkage should definitely be undone, along with all the wiring connections (don't recall how many but think 2-3).Other that those things, theres only 6 bolts and the one holding the dipstick tube to the back of the head (pass. side) Dipstick tube might not need to com out unless you are leaving tranny on the ground till re-install time.

If I missed anything someone will surely chime in.

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Jessman is on the right track.

You will have to remove the trans to get the converter off, IMHO.

1. get the car in the air, of course :)
2. remove the flexplate inspection shield
3. remove the three bolts holding the converter on, these can sometimes be a bear if they have been in there since new.
4. Remove the driveshaft
5. Jack the trans and remove the crossmember
6. Drop trans down enough to gain access to the stuff in the next steps.
7. disconnect the large round connector on the right hand side of the trans, you will squeeze it and pull off, you will see what I am talking about when you are under there and the VSS on the left hand side of the tail cone.
8. the cooler lines, these maybe be tough to break loose. Remove the trans pressure connector off of the block where one of the cooler lines attaches to.
9. disconnect shifter mechanism on the left hand side.
10. remove the upper bellhousing bolts while trans is drooping, I suggest about a 2 to 3 foot extension to get to these.
11. jack the trans back up and support the back of the motor somehow, the motor mounts should hold it in place, but I always put support under it.
12. Remove the rest of the bolts and wiggle, the dowels that it sits on can be tough to break free sometimes.

That should be it, reverse the process to install.

Good luck.

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