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Coolant Hoses - Suggestions Please

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I want to replace all my coolant hoses (radiator, heater, etc.). As far as color, I would prefer to stick with black.

Any suggestions? Anyone running the Goodyear HiMiler set? Is this a complete set (replaces everything)?

Thanks for the help.
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SSuspect, thanks for the link. That was very helpful.

Anyone using the Samco hoses. Are they a direct replacement? Worth the money?
Yes I am, yes they are, and worth every penny.:cool:
Thanks. Do you just re-use your tee and the flow control valve and everything else is included?
All you need to get are the appropriate hose clamps, which are also sold on the same website. Like JonRobbinSS said, the T is part of the hose, eliminating three potential leaking points, and a piece of plastic plumbing. I didn't use the flow control valve either, as both heater hoses are 1 piece designs. I don't really see why having the flow control valve is a plus, as they are prone to breaking as well, always miles and miles from a parts store that could even spell flow control valve, let alone have one.

All I reused was the heater hose insulation sleeve (probably not needed), and the aluminum clamps that hold the heater hoses to the accessory bracket, and the cowl. I'm not 100% sure you need the aluminum retaining clamps, but for the cost of the hoses, I didn't want them rubbing up against anything they shouldn't be.
Like mentioned above, you don't need the "T".

I did add a brand new restrictor, but I relocated
it near the water pump, to hide it. Also, if it
was to break on the road, one could simply remove
it and there would be enough hose to attach
to the water pump, bypassing the restrictor.

The hoses aren't gonna move anywhere, and IMO, they look great!

I highly recommend the Samco Sport hose kit.

By leaving the flow restrictor out, I shouldn't have to do anything, ever.

The heater hose brackets are nice little billet parts from Summit.
VERY nice! I now know what my next mod will be.
I look at the restrictor this way:

The factory put it there for a reason.

Just my .02 ;)
That reason is: to restrict flow to 5 gallons/minute, to prevent heater core failure due to coolant rush at high rpms.

Sooooo.... I guess I could install the restrictor, or have my PCM reprogrammed to limit my revs to 3500 RPM.cwm4

Whaddya think?:D

$hit, one more thing to do before HOSSFest.:(
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