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Coolant Hoses - Suggestions Please

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I want to replace all my coolant hoses (radiator, heater, etc.). As far as color, I would prefer to stick with black.

Any suggestions? Anyone running the Goodyear HiMiler set? Is this a complete set (replaces everything)?

Thanks for the help.
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Like mentioned above, you don't need the "T".

I did add a brand new restrictor, but I relocated
it near the water pump, to hide it. Also, if it
was to break on the road, one could simply remove
it and there would be enough hose to attach
to the water pump, bypassing the restrictor.

I didn't re-use the hose sleeves or attachments.
With my ceramic coated Tri-Y's, they aren't necessary.

I figured that since I was going with the best hoses
that I could do better than the factory heater hose hardware:

The heater hose brackets are nice little billet parts from Summit.

The hoses aren't gonna move anywhere, and IMO, they look great!

I highly recommend the Samco Sport hose kit.

I used stainless lined band clamps from Summit,
as they are a high quality part.
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By leaving the flow restrictor out, I shouldn't have to do anything, ever.
I look at the restrictor this way:

The factory put it there for a reason.

Just my .02 ;)
I guess I could install the restrictor, or have my PCM reprogrammed to limit my revs to 3500 RPM.cwm4

Whaddya think?:D

, one more thing to do before HOSSFest.:(

Better go 2800, just to be safe... ;)
I've been wanting a set of these hoses for a while but have been spending the money elsewhere but this is the cheapest place I've found.
I don't know of anyone that has ordered from these guys but the price is MUCH cheaper than everywhere else.

Good luck with that option.

Some of us already tried that company ;)

It was a no go.
could you pls reply again with your take on quality and ease of install? The only thing I would be worried about it the possibility of silicone hoses slipping off the water pump or radiator. Anyone experience this? OR would we just clamp everything down extra tight only to deal with possible cutting/indenting of the hose.

ps- Stewart : That engine bay looks more and more pristine every time I see it

The quality of the Samco hoses is excellent, IMHO.

No way are they gonna slip off.

Use lined clamps so the clamps don't bite into the hose.

Thanks for the props! :)
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