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Coolant Hoses - Suggestions Please

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I want to replace all my coolant hoses (radiator, heater, etc.). As far as color, I would prefer to stick with black.

Any suggestions? Anyone running the Goodyear HiMiler set? Is this a complete set (replaces everything)?

Thanks for the help.
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I've been running a set of Samco Sport hoses in black for a little over a year now. Been very happy with them. Price is a factor, especially when there are cheaper options out there. But you get what you pay for, and this is immediately apparent when you receive them. Quality of construction is very good, as are the looks. Don't think I would have been happy with anything less. I don't have unlimited resources, but I try to think carefully about my choices when maintaining my car, and this was one purchase I'm glad I made.
Are they the gloss black or the factory flat black color? Can you post pics?
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