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Coolant Hoses - Suggestions Please

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I want to replace all my coolant hoses (radiator, heater, etc.). As far as color, I would prefer to stick with black.

Any suggestions? Anyone running the Goodyear HiMiler set? Is this a complete set (replaces everything)?

Thanks for the help.
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I got the Goodyear Hi-Miler's and they are ok. Just not happy with how the color has faded over the last year. Fit was good and did have to modify to get my restricter valve in there. Just picked up some 9c1 hoses that I will clean up and install the next time I change the coolant.
GY Hi-Miler Hoses - 1 concern

It looks like the topic has swung over to Samco but wanted to throw this out there in case anyone gets the Good Year hi-Miler hoses.

When I got my GY hose kit it had some x-tra 3/8" hose in the box. My tranny cooler lines were leaking badly and I cut the hoses off and used Compression fittings on the steel lines along with 3/8" barbed ends to clamp on hoses in between. I used the left over Blue Hi-miler hose from the kit.

Well these hoses must not like either tranny fluid or the pressure in the trans lines. After about 3K miles the hoses were starting to let go. They ballooned up quite a bit and got very soft and spongy. I replaced them over the weekend with some Black Hi-Pressure Fuel hose but these blue hoses were close to bursting.

Other than how the Blue hoses have faded on the coolant side of things, they seem to be holding up well there. I would not recommend them to be used with tranny fluid like I did. I lucked out and noticed them before they popped while on the road.
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