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Coolant Hoses - Suggestions Please

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I want to replace all my coolant hoses (radiator, heater, etc.). As far as color, I would prefer to stick with black.

Any suggestions? Anyone running the Goodyear HiMiler set? Is this a complete set (replaces everything)?

Thanks for the help.
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I've been wanting a set of these hoses for a while but have been spending the money elsewhere but this is the cheapest place I've found.
I don't know of anyone that has ordered from these guys but the price is MUCH cheaper than everywhere else.
One of those too good to be true deals. That sucks!
I got in touch with people at a website called they show the hoses for $265.40 plus shipping but I was informed of a 6 week lead time. I inquired about a group purchase and was told to e-mail them with a quantity but don't know how it will pan out. Price doesn't change for color.

Has anyone tried this company before or heard of them?
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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