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Cleaning out my garage and came acroos some extra stuff for sale.
Z34 Louvers $60 out the door!
Z28 Leather Shifter Knob(will fit Impalas) $20 out the door!
Monsoon Radio/CD Player $75 OUT THE DOOR! pics are here (SOLD)
12 way Bonnie Seat Switch Controller w/wiring $40 out the door!(SOLD)
Twilight Rearview Mirror w/wiring $25 out the door!
Blue Bowtie $10 out the door!
Grey Impala Ashtray Great cond. $40 +shipping (SOLD)
Grey Ashtray with holes drilled in the front $15 +shipping (SOLD)
Impala Depo driver side tail light black trim fading $20 +shipping
Impala GM passenger side tail light black trim fading $25 +shipping
Front Lic plate bracket excellent cond $20 out the door! (SOLD)
Front Lic plate bracket w/couple of scuffs $17 out the door!
Guide passenger side headlight w/light retainer in the inside (almost brand new) $20 +shipping
Rear license plate light w/harness $10 +shipping (SOLD)
(3) Cigarette lighters $3 each out the door
If you want pics I'll post pics
All are OBO just hit me up
Would like to trade. Here is what I need/want:
Black Imp Driverside wheel well moulding
Air Dams
Z28 intake elbow ('96-'97)
1 - 20 of 21 Posts