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NIB Crane 10309-1

Includes Valve Spring PART NUMBER: 99845-16
Outer Diameter Top 1.255
Inner Diameter Top 0.870
Damper NO
Seat Pressure @ Installed Height 124 lbs @ 1.750
Open Pressure and Height 374 lbs @ 1.150
Coil Bind 1.100
Average Spring Rate 409 lbs/in
Maximum Net Lift 0.640

Includes Retainers Part No. 99914-16

This is the only true drop in kit for our heads. No mods at all. They would be a great replacement if you are doing 1.6 roller rockers or a small cam.

I bought these on ebay with a bunch of other items. I am going with aluminum heads so I cannot use these. They do not appear to have ever been out of the box.

Summit sells them for $245.

First $150 gets them including shipping..........

PRICE REDUCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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