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Crank No Start. Spark and Fuel Pump are Good

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I am working on a 1996 Impala SS with 180K Miles. I have a crank no start issue. Car runs with starter fluid, but nothing after that.

I uploaded a video on YouTube to give a 1st hand look

So far: New Battery, New Fuel Pump Relay, Fuel Pump Working, spark confirm, fuel injector fuse in tact, fuel being delivered to engine, no fuel pressure at Schrader valve..
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Purchasing is not expensive, but for as many times as you'll use one most parts retailers will 'loan' (with deposit) a complete setup. I grabbed one from AutoZone last month to check the Sister In Law's SUV. Their kit turned out brand new and with every imaginable adapter and fitting. And yes, it was the pump and all I had to do was lift the back seat to expose the hatch.
What am I looking for that would differentiate between the problem being the Fuel Pump vs Something else. My Vice Grip Garage school of automotive technology license taught me that if the Schrader is dry there is no pressure and the Fuel Pump is out. But that’s not the case here. A leak in the tank doesn’tThere's fuel delivery. The leak would have to be in the fuel line, and that would show as a fuel on the floor. Full transparency, I’m dreading having to drop the tank, It’s half full. I want to explore all options before changing out a working fuel pump and being back at square 1.
That's fair, but testing pressure at the zirk at crank and bleed-down is the absolute FIRST test to make, and so easy/simple to do. And two words for dropping a tank - SETUP & PREP. Basically, 2 stands and a floor jack are the only real antes, and those things pay back for themselves so many times in saved costs and time it's crazy everyone wouldn't have them already since they were 20. And I'm 100% in the 'Drop from the front' school. Brain-ded simple to unsrcew the tighteners on that end, and so easy to 'slip' the filler forward out the reardeck opening. This is alot crappier looking than it really was, as I wanted to keep the mess of absorbent where it was for a leak on the wife's SUV:
Tire Hood Automotive tire Tread Automotive lighting

I was able to suction the tank down to ~2 gallons, and shooting a little gas out my nose brought back fond memories all the other times I've it. And you'll get the perfect opportunity to fix the common 'rotted EVAP hose':
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Bumper Rim

If you're pump is original it'll 100% likely have the same very common burnt wiring like this:
Audio equipment Cable Jewellery Electrical wiring Auto part

Good luck, and keep us looped in how you're doing.
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Good you got it running. And good you have the pump, as well. All that's missing now is joining AAA. Unless able to prove the current pump's a replacement it's only a matter of (all too brief) time before you'll be changing it. And you won't want to feel the sorrow of the cost of a tow on top of everything else.
As membership has been a gift from my wife, ask me how I haven't experienced that. Twice now.
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It's starting no problem. The Fuel pressure is still an issue.

I didn't go through the whole vid, but it's idling like ****. And about the Caprice vs. Impala SS thing, just look for the 'WX6' (or WX3 I really don't remember) trim I.D. on the trunk lid SPID. All Impala SSes are just basic Caprices, but with the upfit Impala SS trim level, just like you could get a stripper Biscayne or lil better Bel-Air various levels of options and chrome 60 years ago.

I recall you have past ptsd from a prior tank drop. Just get the car somewhere nobody can see your trepidation and finally finally just do it. Andwhy post a vid of brown gas? Just git that crud outta the tank already. And just change that MoFu fuel pump already. And finally git on wit the rest of it. It could be something else, but you already got the pump so just put it in already. And then throw more easier parts at it as called for.

Sorry it's 9 and past my bedtime. Keep checking in what's going on eh.
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Good you got things squared away, and I think I'm speaking for most posters no thanks needed for giving you grief to bust'a move and git'er done. The right way.
I don't what state you're in but the registering part has me a bit confused. Whether you just recently bought someone's car that they've let sit a decade or you're the one who let it sit, as long as you have the title and don't intend to keep it then why not just let the buyer do all that when they plate it? Just nosy.
As 'ol Hannibal always said on The A Team, "I love it when a plan comes together."

And as we say on here, "GLWS"
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