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Yes, I did a search so I am picking your heads since I have to wait till I get some time to start troubleshooting this one.
I have about 550mi on my 355 heads/cammer. This was assembled properly with with meticulous detail.
About 1/2 way through these miles I popped this code and replaced the sensor(crank sensor).
I then had opti symptoms and replaced with Delphi (Delphi/ac delco works best-not aftermarket)from the partsladi. I have enjoyed things so far (this thing [email protected]$)
and today the code returned and I "limped" home 4 miles from work. It was fine for a few miles and then at a stop light the check light came up.I want to start at this sensor connector as it seems like it has been unplugged/plugged in many times.
If I get a meter on this plug should I see 12v?
I had not got it into the garage since it goes down so if things don't work out I would be stuck. I have had several harness connectors faulty from this car so I am thinking about this one could be.
Thanks, I am reading through the FSM tonight
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