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Creaking rear Moog CC627 springs

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Hey everyone, I have been dealing with this creaking noise in the rear, I think its tied to my Moog Cargo Coils. I've had them since 2020. I still have my OEM rear springs to confirm that theory.

Anyone else had/have this issue?

I have the BIG rear sway bar in the rear BTW, Siphon (SP)
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I've had creaking coming from my 1.5" HA rear bar. Really had to tighten the bolts quite a bit beyond factory torque values to stop. Also I've notice some of the springs pigtails tend to be tight on the perches. And/or worn through the isolators. Some won't even fit with the isolator in place. I'd give those a shot of WD-40 to see if it helps temporarily.
Thank you @91ss Im going to try to tighten the swaybar bolts down.
I tightened down the rear swaybar, still creaking not as severely. I noticed that once the car warms up, the creaking subsides somewhat. May be its just the metal in this thick @$$ bar. Im not sure.
How tight did you go? The number 90 ft-lbs sounds familiar to me.
Also, at some point I welded nuts into the u-channel as the stock 'punched' hole may give out.
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