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This was posted on 12-19-01, to an old post that took too long to load, so here it is again. This is the previous link:

Prices for Moog (jobber) have updated again, as of October 1, 2001. The prices listed here are only indicative of what the latest price is, and is for comparison only. This does not mean you can buy them for this price, though, in fact, you may be able to buy them for less through some sources. At least you know what price range these parts should be available for "in the market".

Previous--March 2001--pricing in parentheses ("was") so you can see the pricing "creep".

K5208 UPPER BALL JOINT $18.12 (was $16.99)

K6141T LOWER BALL JOINT 5/8" $25.80 ($23.89)

K6145T LOWER BALL JOINT 9/16" $19.74 ($18.62)

K6187T IDLER ARM $25.06 ($23.20)

K6203-2 SPRING INSULATOR $3.31 ($3.12)
(2 in box, priced each)

K6210 UPPER CROSS SHAFT KIT $39.64 ($37.40)
(use K6409 bushings listed below)

K7263 LOWER BALL JOINT 11/16" $39.17 ($36.95)
(requires modified knuckle and control arm)

DS899 CENTER LINK, STANDARD $65.32 ($63.42)

DS1405 CENTER LINK, FOR STAB $90.94 ($85.79)

ES2004S ADJUSTER SLEEVE $ 9.04 ($ 8.54)

ES2019RLT TIE ROD, OUTER $20.39 ($19.48)

ES2020RLT TIE ROD, INNER $19.46 ($18.02)

Front control arm bushings--these are HD "Problem Solver" kits:

K6409 UPPER--set of 4 $31.54 ($29.75)

K6419 LOWER--set of 4 $40.85 ($38.54)
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