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I Made an extra set of these tail light socket plates I did not use. What they do is properly add a 1157 socket to the middle bulb of a caprice/Impala tail light.. Now. Its involved to install, You must cut the whole recess, vac out the shavings and glue them on either with epoxy or RTV (I used RTV) They are home made so they are not machine robot :) perfect, But they are 100% functional and fit great.

I am asking $4.00 shipped. They are chrome taped and fit a recessed socket (same type as the reverse light, Advanced auto sells the sockets)
style of socket you need



BRIGHT with 3 1157 sockets w/ 3496 bulbs! When you use the socket plate it spaces the bulb back so the middle bulb looks the same from say, 50 ft. away, unlike if you leave the recess and add dual filament bulb.
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