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Custom 4.5Ft Long Tube Tri-Y * The Saga *

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cwm1Book mark this and stay tuned this is going somewere peoplescwm1

The Saga of our young adventurer and his quest for power all begins with a box.

inside this box was the ultra rare CLear Image Auto
Quad1s moded to Tri-Y by CIA

well loved by there previous keeper these need some attention

now what,
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Very nice work Tad. I noticed that the layout for the x-pipe exhaust had center inlet mufflers but the final product has offset inlet. Was it for better tuck of the pipes from the x to the mufflers? Also, just turn downs; no tailpips? How is the interior sound level?
I ordered the first mufflers center inlet on accident!
actually backwards center in offset out.
Man, I hate it when I do that! Nothing worse than working on a project to find out you got the wrong stuff by mistake. Looks like you got it right and that's what counts.

What diameter is you driveshaft? Just wondering how the 3" exhaust fits with a larger d/s.
Sounds sweet! What does the butt dyno tell you??
24RWHP and 18RWTQ peak.
Good luck, Tad. BTW, you didn't give us your guess. What say you?
Sounds....... well, I wouldn't want my car doing that.
Doing what? Pulling to 7000+ thru the mufflers so effortlessly that it only sounds like 6000 RPM? :confused:Yea, boy, wouldn't want MY car doing that!:rolleyes:

Tad, have you tried a 3rd gear pull to see what happens when you put a load on the car? I realize the speeds get high, but I would try it if you haven't yet. Maybe on one of those toll roads late at night.
OK, so it pulls hard on the street up to 6800, but lays down on the dyno-jet at 6200? Did something sound amiss on the dyno? Have you tried the dyno-pac at work yet? Is it possible that you my have spun the tires on the dyno-jet??

And the oil pressure thing is wierd. I would suspect the re-worked oil lines, but I am sure you have gone over those throughly already.
Well, good luck at Irwindale! I hope you find something on the data logs. I think your best bet is going to be on the dyno-pac where you can load that sucker at 6200-6800 and look for what might be happening. It will either be really good news (i.e. fix the tune and make way more power) or really bad news (the new headers just don't work even though they look and sound awesome).

Again, good luck!
Precisely. My engine is stock. I never said that I was bringing a-game.

Also, Tad, I hope your testing goes well, I'll just read from here on out.
Dude, your previous post was very brief and seemed condesending. If it wasn't and was instead empithetic, then my sarcasim is here-by retracted.

Like Tad said, it's all good. So Post On!
Were you having trans temp problems that led you to install 2 coolers? Didn't the FSR rad have the factory fan mounts?
1 - 10 of 749 Posts
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