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4 months of distraction,
from the Daily Driver 9c1
keeping me from J5

1x weekend with the buffing wheel well spent on the DD

6 alternators and 2 batteries deep on the driver
been a constant struggle
finally had a local shop put HD diodes and regulator in the autozone alt.

More DD work
dynamatted the the whole interior,
redid the interior,
swapped the door panels,
installed all new stereo and wiring
pimped out subs in the trunk
re did the int lighting
that took 2 months of free time

Did new custom hand built 3"X over the axle2.5" exhaust and CIA 4:1s on the DD
woke that ish up good
Allen M thanks for the tip on the Dynomax VTs!!!
now it is super quiet and stealthy at all but WOT
3 weeks of free time not spent on J5

then the last 3x weekends
-hose in the tank burst, had to take the tank out
-connector to the fuel pump failed in the tank, had to take the tank out
-level sender failed, new pump basket is on order that will be this weekend while I do brakes

$1100 refurbish cop car was not one of my best ideas... cwm3cwm3cwm3

also been spending time researching LS3 motors for the Elco
anyone need a 12:1 zero decked 383 SBC that rips for $4500?

J5 will return!

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been working my tail off

ZL1s, HEMIs, Hilbourn EFI, work work work

blog updates

I managed to get 6th gear from a dead stop
!with out! touching the throttle
but my camera ran out of time mid sentence

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more distraction with the daily driver 9c1
today :
-new fuel pump level sender
-turned all 4x rotors
-front and rear brake job
-adjust parking brake

-bleed 4x brakes
-tighten new trans pan
-re attached "project down low"
-bolt the tires back on
-put car back on the ground
-test new paint colors for the crappy looking rims

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pressed on the brake pedal like a tard
shot the rear driver piston out of the caliper
have a bitch of a time getting the pedal feel back to 100%
decided to drive it
and rebleed in two weeks

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more distractions,

-DD ate another battery and alternator
*electrical is a massive waste of time, even had the dash out ..again..:confused::mad:
**!!found L- and F-terminal swaped in the harness!! WTF~!

-after a 5+ month wait Tom Lee finally bo finally arived killed off a Saturday with that.

-had to rebuild the faimly's battery charger since it has seen so much use since 1974

-mother is moving from house to condo..yippy

-put crazy amounts of time into a customer's NA built Challenger Hemi tune off the clock.. working with "the devil" cwm8

-ElCamino LS3 project has been a distration fron J5 as well
snhopping / ordering custom parts and running virtual simulations till 2AM

-Black Ops keeps realeasing new Zombie maps.
Don't they know I have $h*t to do! :p

**J5 Progress**
-took the pan off and tested it for leaks
found a pin hole from the mfg thanks
Moroso for the embarassment major PIA

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repaired the leaky pan need to put it back on the motor now....cwm3

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Got J5 back on the road
have been working out the kinks
and tracking down inconsistent performance issues
one day its crazy fast other days ...laim

Guess what I found?
the main kink being the wire harness!!!

@ 850 RPM Idle
14.5vdc @ the pos bat term
11.5vdc @ the fuel injector / maf / ICM pink wires

is it bad when all the pink wires in your harness are now brown and orange?
cut the harness open and found lots of heat damage

The harness is destine for failure when used like some of us use it. cwm8

....What I found...
Injector Fuses #1&2 - 1x 18 gauge wire feeds 4x injectors pers side
fuse #4 - 2x 18 gauge wires feed the 4x 02s / trans / MAF / air / evap / egr
fuse #5 - 2x 18 gauge wirs feed the ignition and both sides of the ECU
Plus added LTCC on #5 fuse

to add to this under gauged cluster f*c<

all drivetrain electrical comes thru the Key that must make it thru 20 + feet of wire and many connections!

the voltage delta from pos bat term vs return from the key at the PCM fuses is alarming. Go out to you 18 year old car and test that crap and report back!

most modern LS cars the key forward voltage triggers a relay and the driveline pulls the power off the Positive terminal directly from the fuse box via relay.

Took 40+ hours and $300 later..
I went thru the whole harness with it still attached to the fire wall.
And was rewarded.
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