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A good friend of mine, Tim, is making a custom 'Raiss/SSRI' style intake that incorporates the MAF sensor into the cool air area of the engine compartment to avoid the heat soak other intakes endure and eventually mess up the readings. His intake system can be made in a milled aluminum finish, stainless steel, and can be powercoated, or ceramic coated. He is not a member of this message board because he is not internet savvy, however he has been a member of NAISSO and SoFASST for 7 years now and is a Impala SS owner (he is on his second one).

He is currently finishing up the first prototype intake system and it should be done within the week. I will have pictures on my website hopefully by this friday 4-21-06.

He has asked me to take the names and phone numbers of anyone interested and he will personally call you on his expense to explain to you his manufacturing process and materials, or answer any questions.

The projected cost of the intakes is $300 shipped. So PM me your name and number and I will send it over to Tim right away.

Tim and I will try to get pictures of the system installed on his Impala SS and my Fleetwood as well. I am getting rid of my K&N FIPK to install one of his custom systems.

Next up, Tim is also fabricating custom headlight covers. These are already made, I will have pictures of them shortly on my website as well. The projected price is under $150.00 for the pair.

If you have any questions, PM me and I will have Tim contact you directly. He is a good friend of mine and I am doing him a favor because he does not own a computer and is not internet savvy.

The pictures will be up at by friday:
My Website

Thanks and take care [Happy Easter],
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