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Hope you dont mind posting some pics of one off dash plaques

XSSIVE and Eagle-co94

Big Chris SS black anodized with silver paint

Nick's SS and Super Sport

SS Wagon Super Sport Caprice SS SSKIDMARKSS

Diablo SS Wagon SS Blown SS and SS Cab CO

Chevy 9C1

Opps nice ride

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i got the Nick's SS in the car right now and it looks PIMP. thanks and i cant wait to see whats next. if your thinkin of getting one or some these plaques; these things really set off the dash

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All of these look nice, particularly the one w/ the silver letters and black backing. How much for one like that one saying 96ChameleonSS to zip code 33162? It's kinda long, right? :confused: :(

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Got mine yesterday!!!!!!!!!!
Dayyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmnnnnnn,, this thing is awsome, thanks again Toadhaulexpress, wonderful work you have here

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Glad you like it hosspala

PunniSSer and Kevin PM sent

Ok here is the skinny

One off polished dash plaques are 46.00 painting is additional 10.00 basic colors red, black, silver, blue please note that because of the fine detail I do not polish the bottom of the letters but if you want to paint yourself no problem but they are a pain to paint

The black one with silver lettering was polished then sent out for black anodize plating it comes out nice wont scratch but the platters charge a min order of 25.00 so that is extra

I can do about 12 letters max depends on number of caps and lower case letters I have managed to fit “Turbocharged” please be exact in spelling and capitols

Now because of recent problems I have several unwanted and unpaid plaques I am forced to spell this out and treat everyone like they are two years old sorry

All “ORDERS” must be emailed to me at [email protected]
All new customers must prepay will not start on till payment received

Paypal checks or money orders all accepted paypal use my email address check or money email me I will send were to send to

Any questions or request post or PM me I will respond asap

I will be out of town next two weeks so I am hanging the Gone fishing sign

Thanks Greg

There is billet in the future for anyone who can find me a CAD file for that Deer

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I wish I knew how to get you an impala CAD file...

Has mine been sent out yet? UPS man came by today and I thought it was the dash plaque. Just a teaser today,

Also, what do you think about the other thing I asked about ? ?

Anyways, keep doing what ya do, and have fun fishin' ! ! :D
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