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D.C. to Pocono Manor

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Any of you guys got a good suggestion for the best route from DC to Pocono Manor? We will be driving up on Monday out of DC. I've got the Mapquest route....395N, 295S, DC-295N, 895N, 95N, 495N, 95N, 476N, 22E, 33N. Is there an easier/quicker route?
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Are you staying overnight in DC somewhere? If you're west of DC a quicker route might be to take 270 to 70 and then take 81 to Pocono. Depends on where though. 95 north is the other route which it looks like you have.

Also, a couple of us WAIL'ers may be meeting up Monday morning for a mini-caravan.
Mike - There will be a Smokin'SS/GASSIT caravan coming up I-81 on Monday. I'm not sure what time we'll get near Front Royal, but we will be leaving TN at I-81 exit #8(near Morristown) at 6:00AM on MOnday. We will probably have 8-10 cars in our little group.
I'll suggest a comfy route with less congestion and easy driving...

Drive up to Frederick, Hit U.S. 15 north through Gettysburg, Smack into the PA Turnpike, Go across the Sesquehanna River and then exit right after the river onto I-283, go right up to I-81 North and keep going I-81 north to the Pocono Area.
When you hit I-80 youre almost there.
Then it's I-80 to I-380 to Pocono Manor. Boom youre there.

I've been up there about 4 times. I live in Southern Maryland and will simply go around Baltimore and up I-83 then to PA Turnpike and then the same route mentioned above.

We aren't staying DC but we are stopping there for a quick visit Monday morning and then plan on driving to Pocono from there. We will be leaving from near the museums/ touristville! Thanks, this is the kind of info that I am looking for....especially the less crowded/comfy way! Whenever I have travelled in that area on business traffic always seemed to suck :( We normally fly into Baltimore and then drive to Philedelphia or DC.
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