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Dal Slabaugh is selling his personal 1996 Impala SS. I'm posting this as a favor to him and some of his friends, so don't ask me questions about the car because I can't answer them! If you are interested, email me, I will send you Dal's phone number and you can ask him any questions you have.

Dal is the second owner, the car was purchased in FL is now kept in a heated garage in OH. He is about to move back to Florida and would like to sell it by mid September rather than leave it in his garage another year. If you know Dal's name, that's probably enough information to pique your interest. Pictures at end of the post are all new from 8/28/2010.

NEW OFFER: $7000 for the car alone or $9000 for the car and enough spare parts to fill the trunk and back seat. If you are interested and able to act now (remember, he wants to wrap this up in the next two weeks), email me for Dal's phone number.

Details on the car:
- 1996 Black Impala SS, show quality paint by Van Devere when Dal worked for them
- 155,000 miles but drives as new
- Stock LT1 engine, burns no oil, 24 mpg highway
- New transmission approx 500 miles ago
- Pontiac Bonneville seats, power front and rear
- Black Cadillac carpet and mats
- New OEM wheels on car, plus spare which has never seen the ground
- AM/FM/CD OEM New radio
- Caprice wood grain interior pieces
- Scott Williams trunk kit with side panels and storage
- Flow Master cat back exhaust
- Aftermarket sway bars, front and rear (Dal thinks maybe Hotchkiss but I've never seen red Hotchkiss bars before, so I suspect they are something else...)
- Relatively new OEM shocks (just prior to his purchase of the car)
- Car has never seen snow or ice, and little rain
- California bra and mirrors cover
- NAISSO car cover
- Sears platinum battery, 1 year old, 7 year warranty
- Plus, "I probably forgot some items, but my memory is not so hot lately."

The collection of spare parts includes:
- 1104032 new (not remanufactured) GM Optispark
- 12555323 OEM vacuum hose assembly for Optispark
- Corvette dress kit complete, not installed on car
- 17113211 corvette LT4 grand sport throttle top plate, says grand sport on it
- 10271069 shift plate for consol for 96-SS, has the impala emblem on it
- 9666748 window rollers (10)
- 2 complete special seat slider repair kits for the power seats
- 4 brake bolt kits for the disk proportioning valve upgrade by Dave Zeckenhausen
- 18021521 new rear brake pad set
- 88917196 new front brake pad set
- Battery box, OEM black, new
- 12552509 new belt idler
- 10272731 new left front door weather-strip
- 10269614 black OEM grill with Chevy emblem on it
- 26036034 9C1 steering cooler unit
- Front lower air deflector kit (3 pcs)
- 8 new spark plugs OEM for 96-SS
- 1 new OEM Buick brace
- Used MAF sensor and used alt. case, front and rear
- New windshield wiper/cruise handle, old one still on car and works, but lettering worn
- 1 set of excellent used door handles, black for all 4 doors
- Front air bag units, right/left sides according to box
- 1025716214681 LT4 prom for computer
- 893-94 right and left rear gray speaker grill covers OEM
- 10260864 GM new hose
- 10237350 "
- 12558305 GM S-10 blazer shift cable with bracket, (for conversion to 96-ss cable)
- 12491241 new GM fan blower
- ---0117 new OEM rubber flaps for bottom of inner w/wells with retainers
- About 30+ corvette brake booster hoses and impala brake hoses, mixed in a box about 50/50
- 10222522 (2) left rear gray carpet retainers
- 1022252 (1) right "
- 10303617 Cadillac under hood lamps
- 12553939 emission label
- Have some other decals in a desk drawer, forgot what they are
- 15211285 white SS side plates for on fenders, trunk or whatever (2)
- 10251733 new OEM black side door moldings
- 52455732 OEM blower resister
- 10129244 white wagon rear lens, inside at handle plus a couple of grays
- 15990293 truck under hood lamp with reel extension, retractor type
- 16671510-11 right and left OEM door panel lamps, in box
- 1 new gm battery aux. upgrade kit to fix the bad post/terminals on 94-95 cars
- 22591476 gas cap (the one with the handle to turn better
- 15688237 New black armrests for a blazer that I got stuck with (2), one right/one left
- 25634734 Cadillac trunk weather-strip
- 10243127-28 front carpet covers in gray
- 10214350 left front lower plastic bumper/fender unit for attachment of lower deflector
- 10109524 right " "
- 10275489 spare tire label with jack instructions
- New net package OEM that goes in trunk
- 26033390 o/p sensor
- 16212704 heater control knob
- 12555984 vacuum switch
- 20057139 rubber door switch covers, accordion type
- 12193604 switch
- 94 complete shop manual set, plus 3 other glove box manuals, new OEM ,not opened
- 96 complete shop manual set
- 2 used caprice tail lamp units
- 2 used 96 caprice rear tail lamp units (trim painted black for use on a impala)
- 1 small used control box, used under dash
- 2 black used control boxes, used-goes under package shelf for door locks, etc.
- 1 used tail lamp wire assembly for entire rear lamps, plugs into the connector at left top of fender lip
- 12527863 used drivers front seat belt (I put a new one on the car
- Used left exhaust manifold
- Used right manifold heat shield
- Used pair of wiper arms and blades
- Used pair of plastic grill units under wipers
- New rubber seals for these plus the wiper bolt caps (caps are new)
- Used hood seal, I believe it is the rear one
- 1 set of all the interior door handle units with switches that were taken out when I switched to wood-grain
- Used center support for grill
- Used box of misc. bolts, hardware, emission valves, etc. when converted to air pump removal
- Used h/lamp dash switch with small storage area to right of switch
- Used right side mirror, but no glass, black
- Used right front inside door panel, needs cleaned, maybe repainted, but no cracks, breaks, etc. With door lamp (I paid 300.00 for it on ebay 2-3 years ago but never needed it)
- There are a few gm OEM parts in a box, with part numbers on label, like rear brake rebuild kits
- Bolts and seals, and other items, I just have too many to list.

Dan Johnsen
[email protected]


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Alternate price w/o spare parts

Realizing that the list of parts (and their sheer number) could be overwhelming, and that not everyone really needs 10 window rollers, 4 brake bolt kits, 2 new airbags and a Cadillac under hood lamp (let alone a partridge in a pear tree), Dal also is offering the 1996 Impala SS alone WITHOUT the spare parts for $7,000. He says he can piece out the parts himself over the winter, so now the price drops to something below blue book retail (and blue book doesn't understand show quality paint...). Snap it up while you can, before my wife twists my arm and "makes me" buy this car for myself.

Pictures and complete details in the first post at the top of this thread. Email me for Dal's phone number if you want to contact him about the car.

Dan Johnsen
[email protected]

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What....... no T-84 lights or the famous parts binder books he put together ? Great deal for some one.

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GLWS...... just curious
- Used box of misc. bolts, hardware, emission valves, etc. when converted to air pump removal

but the last pic show the air pump pipeing clearly still installed. Does that mean those are parts "when converting" as it has not been "converted" ???
-ALF out...
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