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I picked up my 'new' driver 2 years ago with 52,XXX and it had been a New Mexico car. The interior is is good shape with uncracked dash but in real bad shape. And I had tried cleaning it in the car before but you can see below that was pretty ineffective. I read dozens of threads here on all the hints for the job and was finally in a position to remove and repaint it. None of the 4 big parts chains carries SEM (I could swear I've seen it on a shelf locally though???) so I pulled the dash for prep while getting ready to order all the rattlecans from VinylPro (cleaner - adhesion promoter - dye etc.).

After 2 repeat cycles with both Soft Scrub, 409 and Blue Magic cleaner it cleaned up right nice:

So I just went with 303 Aerospace I have and reinstalled it:

I'm posting in this section, but a few points special to FWB. You do not need to remove the A-pillars to remove the pad, but really easier to reinstall if they are dislodged a little to let the dash edges slip under. Next, the FSM refers to removing two small screws, quote: "if necessary", into the HVAC plenum that are illustrated hidden under the rear area of the center grille. I didn't know what to make of that note and took 5 extra minutes fighting things until finding one screw:

Final advice - 303 is great stuff but DO NOT spray it in the car even if your dash is perfectly clean. Soak a rag and mop it on and off as needed until it dries pretty much just shy of buffing. I found in the past even with cardboard covering the glass the overspray misting and haze (especially at night) was impossible to clean off for months. I tried various glass cleaners and even vinegar and finally found SprayWay which helped remove the blurriness.
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