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F*ck you.



Seriously, that hidden screw at the firewall is a bag of dicks. Since none of the other solutions from my search worked and I didn't have other tools mentioned, I used a deep well 7/16" socket pressed over the screw head with my right index finger. I then used small vise grips to grab the socket and turn (little by little). Passenger seat not removed. But now that the bottom cover has been removed, I think it's rather obvious that my heater core is clogged.

IR_0399.jpg IR_0406.jpg

It may be hard to see, but the first picture is of the hoses to the heater core in front of the alternator. The second is a side shot of the heater core itself (right hand side of core is to the firewall). Not much heat getting through that. Time to swap it out, I guess.
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