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I've been asked to remove the info because the site is not quite ready yet. The Big Kahuna will be posting the info shortly in another thread. Stay tuned - sorry for jumping the gun.

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Originally posted by LeadSSled:
Topic: ISSCA Nat's 2005 Registration
My first question after reading the topic of the thread is, "Where and when did you get the time machine to travel back in time?"

Thank you. I will be here all week. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses.

Thanks for the heads up on registration.
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A. Sober up pal it's not 2005. Too much moonshine for you.
B. Thanks for jumping the gun. The website is ALMOST done but I was waiting until it was perfect and we had a hotel booked to make the big announcement.

Can you come by and tell my kids what Santa's bringing them too?

deleted by request

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oooo, a little cloak and daggar..

or is this communist, but clever, dangling of the carrot?

As terry breaks out the Dirty Harry Magnum, goin ' more question or remark.." and thinking 'gohead, make my day'.
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