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Did all fleetwoods come with vinyl tops?

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Did every fleetwood come with a vinyle top? Someone mentioned in another post that a vinyl top delete was available in the broughm. I don't like the vinyl.....although it does increase the pimp factor somewhat....not that I need the help :D
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No not all came with the vinyl, but theylook alot better with the roof, My co-worker has the same color fleetwood as mine but w/o the roof and it look bad next to my fleetwood
Heres the deal,

There is a Fleetwood and a Fleetwood Brougham... The Brougham was a package that included different wheels, way better seats, some heavy duty stuff, and the vinyl top.

The Fleetwood came with a steel roof but a vinyl roof could be added as an option.

The Fleetwood Brougham came with a vinyl roof but it could be deleted as an option.

The wheels could not be interchanged and are the easiest way to tell the difference from a distance.
I really wanted to know how hard it was going to be to get the roof off.... Then I went and test drove a 96 yesterday that was a wicked nice pewtery-grey color. The roof was the same color as the car, just vinyl. I don't think it would look better removed. If I do end up with that car, I think I will keep the roof on it! I liked it a lot on that car!

Plus, you don't have to Zaino the vinyl roof!!!! May just save your arm. As if there already isn't enough sheetmetal to wax!
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I was lucky enough to find mine without the roof. Thank God. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen another Fleetwood without it. As far as taking the roof off. It's not fun. I did it to my 85 Fleetwood. It took about a week in my garage for about 3 hours a night. A lot of razor blades, gasket remover and elbow grease. The roof is painted under neith but by the time you get the vinal off it will look like crap. It might be easier on the late models because it looks like they started to use a different material but I would asume it is still a pain in the ass. Plus the tops cover the whole roof and are larger then the 80's. My 85 only covered the back half.

One afternoon back in the spring I started to remove the top. I had the weatherstrip and all of the moldings off. I had about half of the left C-pillar off when I got reminded that we had to go meet some people for dinner.

The pad that they use now is self-adhesive and will just roll off with your fingers. I was amazed how easy it was. I had to put it back in place though so we could leave. I dare anyone to tell which side I had off as it went back in place quite well.

I'll keep you posted on progress and maybe even do some digital photo journalism on the project.

I tought they did something different with the material. Thats sweet though. I wish it came off the 85 that simple.
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