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Anyone use those digital tachometers that are self powered and take their signal from one of the spark plug wires?? Are they accurate?

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I haven't but I thought tachometers whether they are digital or analog readout got their RPM signal from the distributor not a sparkplug.

Also if you want a good digital readout gauge of any kind(Speedometer, tachometer, Trans, oil, antifreeze temp...) go to they are one of the best.

Dakota Digital Tachometer


0- 18,000 RPM range wit a 100 RPM resolution.
Easy Tachometer calibration for a wide range of cylinder combinations from 1- 15 cylinders without the use and hassle of bulky coils.
Compatible with single or dual fire ignitions.
Gear position indicator when used with GSS-2000.
High RPM Recall.
User Selectable Shift Point.
Push button calibration.
Choice of either Black or Chrome front bezel.
Machined aluminum housing.
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