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Do not keep making intro posts

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Please only make (1) Introduction post. New Member Posts are Moderated and need to be approved. This is done as time and life permits.

If you don't see your Introduction post we simply have not gotten to it yet
to read and approve it, do not make another.
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Great - moderator must be OTL

I just read all the previous replies regarding new members not getting approved over teh last few YEARS.... great... well, i guess that's what you get for being part of a dwindling group of fans for 20+ year old 90s GM cars that most people don't give 2fux about these days...
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Been waiting well over two month's now for "Approval" from the Moderators. This is getting a tad bit ridiculous. It would only take all of about 20 seconds to read my introductory post - so it's not as if someone has to alter their entire schedule for the day to read it and approve it for public viewing.

Went through the trouble of creating my account. Uploaded an avatar. Custom Signature. Created my garage. Subscribed to a thread and even went ahead and validated my PERSONAL phone number (really guys?).

All the requirements needed for the "set-up" process as highlighted on the Home Page of this forum and my "Set-up Progress" has been stuck at 83% for months now.

Been a member of on-line forums since the early days of dial-up internet and have NEVER had so much difficulty being able to post on a public forum before. A B-Body forum of all things. Good grief.

I suppose I would be so annoyed, if I didn't notice that other members have made introductory posts after me, and have been approved before me...

If I've forgotten to fill something out, I'd appreciate being told what else I need to fill. If I'm being ignored on purpose, I'd like to know so I can move on. Leaving me high and dry for month's while others get approval?

Not cool.
I find this forum to be less user friendly than the gmlongroof forum - it still won't let me post on classifieds or even reply to someone else's post here... if you aren't number one, you're number 2
i hadn't bothered to read the top post in a while and forgot one requirement was had to have a minimum of 20 posts overall . . . so you proved my point - i had no issue posting on gmlongroof and i don't think i have more than 10 posts there so far... i don't really like to post unless i think i have something valuable to add - just spams up a site. Forums have never been refined to the point of being easily searchable or navigatable so there's often a lot of duplication.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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