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A little more than 1 year ago almost every Impala SS in Europe converged to the North-Land state of Sweden for drag racing and party-vacation fun.
Part 1 of 3 of this adventrue is documented at Anders Envall's Blackout web page.
Direct Link:

For everyone on vacation and looking for an enjoyable and manly read, let me suggest reading the entire "Blackout" web page, (, if you dare....(it will take 1 or 2 weeks to see it all but it's like a good and funny book).

I just spent the last 2 hours reading the travelogue of the Norrland or Bust tour and my smile muscles hurt. And the story is only 1/3rd complete...
Thanks to AUTOSHOP and Advanced Induction and McKeown Motorsports and Shane at CPT and Vindoro Burmese Cattery for supporting my vacation and racing in Sweden.

Of interest to me in the story is how Kent Eden's Impala SS runs and especially how the motor runs. It is the ERE-383 #9 with Advanced Induction top end and Golen machined block and Ellwein Engines engineered/assembled Long Block. (just keep in mind that Kent just went 10.3 and contrast that to what you see in this 2008 initial tuning 11.0)...(tune-tune-tune).

But enough of that. Enjoy a fun story (and a true story at that) from a master story teller and writer Anders Bostic Envall. Click all the embedded links for more enjoyment and read the 2 race reports while you are there.

Anders is working on part 2 and 3 for a later date. Part 2 will be on location at and above the arctic circle where a unique phenomenon is manifest...(people can levitate).
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